Pastor Peter gathered the Noah’s Ark children and band to sing and play Happy Birthday for Pastor Gary. As the band plays, the children wait patiently (well, somewhat patiently – they are children!) to sing. You’ll love the “thank you” cheer at the end for the food Legacy World Missions provides.



This summer, Legacy World Missions board member Mike Kovak and daughter Sydney journeyed to Uganda for a firsthand look and to visit with the partners who are our direct connection to Uganda’s orphans. We hope you enjoy Mike’s photos as much as we did.

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There are many organizations helping orphans in Uganda. Red Nose Day is one. Their video does a great job showing the need.

Please help support Legacy World Missions as we continue the fight of hunger and education in Uganda.

I want to give everyone a Praise Report. Yesterday we loaded our 10th and 11th container of food bound for the orphans in Uganda. With God’s direction, dedicated people and foundations who have steadily financially supported Legacy, we have now sent right at a HALF MILLION pounds of food to Uganda, and have furnished over 5.1 Million meals to orphaned and vulnerable children. Praise God!!

“And let us not lose heart and grow wary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do no loosen and relax our courage and faint.” (Galatians 6:9-AMP)

Today, we should refuse to give up on the reception of every Heavenly Blessing in Christ!

The Past: Hunger and Hopelessness Among African Children

Decades of war, disease, and lack of infrastructure in Uganda have led to a humanitarian crisis impacting millions of children. Their only escape from living in the streets has been wretched conditions in overcrowded orphanages. It’s a desperate cycle that has persisted for generations.

Learn About The Crisis in Uganda

The Present: Feeding Orphans in Uganda Has Broad Impact

The cycle of despair is being broken by Legacy World Missions, among the most successful children’s charities in Uganda. In return for nutritious meals, orphanages are agreeing to improve living conditions and support services. Teens are learning trades so they can support themselves.

Read About Our Unique Approach

The Future: Sustaining the Positive Momentum, With Your Help

Smiles and laughter are now common at the orphanages, as well-fed children learn self-esteem, Christian values and a sense of hope. Much progress has been made, but the needs are great and many challenges remain. You can help feed orphans in Uganda with your generous donation.

Help the Children By Donating Now

Tyrants, war, and the children who suffered

The ongoing crisis in Uganda began in the 1960s when the central Africa nation gained its independence from Great Britain. The corrupt, totalitarian regime of Idi Amin soon emerged, killing thousands of people and destroying whatever infrastructure there was.

Through years of instability and civil war, many men lost their lives, leaving abandoned families behind. In the mid-80s, Joseph Kony and his cruel, cult-like guerrilla group tried to seize power, using over 60,000 child soldiers to do his bidding.

Mothers and their children were often thrown off their land, with nowhere to go. Malaria and AIDS epidemics further devastated the adult population. By 2006, there were three and a half million orphans in Uganda, many having to fend for themselves on the streets.

Those who ended up in private orphanage found overcrowded, understaffed conditions, often in buildings that were only partially complete. The dwindling food donations from relief agencies often ended up on the black market, as residents of the ‘children’s homes’ went hungry.

This is where the story of Legacy World Missions begins. Read on.

We’ve seen many relief efforts seek to feed people just for today. That’s important, of course. But from the start, Legacy World Missions has had a longer-range goal in mind for the children of Uganda.

We’ve been glad for the opportunity to help and feed people in need. We’ve just asked them for one thing in return: that they make the effort to help themselves. By improving their own conditions and prospects, the cycle of need will eventually become a cycle of prosperity, for a future of independence rather than dependence.

Of course, that requires commitment from people who never felt they had control of their own destiny. But inspired by Christian teachings, as well as our own Christian sense of service, the operators and residents of the Ugandan orphanages seem to have a fresh understanding of the possibilities, as well as their place as God’s children.

Legacy World Missions has helped thousands of youngsters overcome starvation and disease. But the efforts we’re most proud of are the efforts of the orphanage and school staffers, as well as the children themselves, who accepted our challenge, and have worked to improve life in their troubled corner of the world.

There’s one more thing we’re particularly proud of. Ninety-nine cents out of every dollar donated goes directly to the effort in Uganda. Few charity organizations come close to that level of operational efficiency. We at Legacy take no salary. Proportion of actual aid to overhead is one of the reasons that Legacy has been named one of the Top 10 children’s ministries in the world.

Learn more about Legacy’s programs, and the impact they’ve had:
Nutritious Food: Ensuring that provisions are delivered securely, to the people who need them
Skilled Trades: Giving teens a chance to learn a trade that will enable them to feed themselves
Sustainable Living: Providing tools and training for good stewardship of the earth and its resources

Smiles and laughter are now common at the orphanages, as well-fed children learn self-esteem, Christian values and a sense of hope. Much progress has been made, but the needs are great and many challenges remain. You can help feed orphans in Uganda with your generous donation.

Help the Children By Donating Now

We recently received a couple of heartwarming photos as well as the following e-mail from our friends at Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry.

Hello Gary,

We wanted to say a huge thank you for the band instruments! They were received with great joy and our students are putting them to work. They have allowed us to add more musicians into the band and have added to the wonderful music the band is making.

Thank you for your generosity.

Noah’s Ark staff and band members