Sustainable Living

Working toward permanent self-sufficiency.

All the children’s homes that receive our food also receive Holistic Care through our partner, Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry. Within each compound, orphanage owners and staff are trained in children’s rights, hygiene, education, special needs, and other aspects of raising healthy children. Noah’s Ark also arranges meetings with staff from children’s homes all over Uganda, for the purpose of improving care to the children they are responsible for.

The homes also receive mosquito nets, clothes, and a Proclaimer — a digital device that charismatically speaks the Bible’s Word of God, in the children’s own language, as well as in English. The mosquito nets have helped reduce malaria; with reduced medical expenses, money is available for a positive cycle of improvements. Structural enhancements include roof repairs, improved buildings, and new latrines. Legacy World Mission also purchased 10 acres of land where children can learn to farm, and sell surplus crops for revenue.

Uganda is the source of the Nile, the heart of Africa, and one of the most fertile countries on Earth. We believe that protecting the land is vital to Uganda’s future success. Legacy World Missions actively supports projects that use recycled and locally available materials, make use of wind and solar energy, and provide jobs to local Ugandans. We encourage our partner facilities, where possible, to maintain subsistence gardens and care for livestock. This reduces the dependence on foreign food aid, and inspires a sense of ownership among the organizations and people of Uganda.

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