Skilled Trades

An education ensures a stable, productive life.

Teens who never had a proper education now have a second chance, thanks to the efforts of Legacy World Missions and its partner in Uganda, the New Hope Vocational School. In addition to a basic education and life skills training, kids learn a vocation that will enable them to support their own family someday. Boys can choose among agriculture, carpentry or masonry, while girls can learn agriculture, tailoring, cosmetology or catering.

Legacy World Missions helps to pay for teachers’ salaries, as well as supplies like blackboards. When they complete their studies, tailoring students receive ‘graduation kits’ consisting of a sewing machine and the materials they’ll need to immediately start a business and earn a living.

In many parts of Africa, girls typically receive no education at all, which is why our educational initiatives are especially important. Each extra year of primary school boosts a girl’s eventual wages by up to 20 percent. Girls who receive more education grow up to marry later, and deliver healthier babies. And when females earn their own income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families.

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