Legacy World Missions: Compassion in Action

The Past: Hunger and Hopelessness Among African Children

Decades of war, disease, and lack of infrastructure in Uganda have led to a humanitarian crisis impacting millions of children. Their only escape from living in the streets has been wretched conditions in overcrowded orphanages. It’s a desperate cycle that has persisted for generations.

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The Present: Feeding Orphans in Uganda Has Broad Impact

The cycle of despair is being broken by Legacy World Missions, among the most successful children’s charities in Uganda. In return for nutritious meals, orphanages are agreeing to improve living conditions and support services. Teens are learning trades so they can support themselves.

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The Future: Sustaining the Positive Momentum, With Your Help

Smiles and laughter are now common at the orphanages, as well-fed children learn self-esteem, Christian values and a sense of hope. Much progress has been made, but the needs are great and many challenges remain. You can help feed orphans in Uganda with your generous donation.

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